New Year – New Adventures

New Year – New Adventures

Happy New Year!!  Parker House Designs has officially embarked on our 2015 adventure and are excited to have you along for the ride.  We’ll be sharing our stories and projects (complete with Before & After pictures) with you over the coming months.

My husband and I took the leap into the world of investments a few short months ago.  It’s been a dream for some time but we hadn’t expected it to come along for a couple more years.  You know, when the kids were both in college and we were “ready” to take on the role of landlords and/or maintenance workers.  Ha!  Don’t they say that the best laid plans often go awry.  When a great opportunity showed itself, we took the leap.

So, here is a picture of our 1910 gem…she’s a little rough around the edges but she is undergoing some exterior renovations to become more energy-efficient along with some fresh paint (in the Spring) to show off the unique architectural features on her face:

Building 1 Building 3

The building is located in the center of town and was a commercial building next to the railroad route that ran through the Lakes Region Area years ago.  One of the items on the To Do list is to connect with our local Historical Society to learn more about the property.  We’ve heard through the grapevine that one of the storefronts was the first postal location in town so I look forward to getting the scoop.  I’ll be sure to share what I learn along the way!

As I thought about how this process has been wild, overwhelming and a little scary, I realized that these are the same feelings that many of my clients have.  They are worried about the unknown when they are trying to update their homes or are trying to sell their homes to move onto their next phase of life.  In every case, when they made the decision to move forward, break away from their anxieties and embraced the change, they flourished and met their goals.  I’m so grateful for being a part of this special evolution.  This is where my theme for 2015 comes from:

Embracing Change = Positive Growth

What’s new in your world?  What changes are you going to embrace in 2015?


Repurposing Tip:  What a Grate Idea!

Repurposing Tip: What a Grate Idea!

I often run into a friend who works at our local grocery store who has renovated an old cape in our little town.  I love to hear all about her updates so when she recently told me that she and her husband had recycled an old heating grate as a welcome mat – I was intrigued.  She’s going to send me a picture that I will share with you but for now, I’ll show you an example I found online recently on the Frugal Family Times Blog page.



Grate Idea from Frugal Family Times

For anyone with a deck, this is a fantastic way to deal with the mess that comes with shoes that get covered with muck all year long.  It is especially great for the muddy season – which will be upon us very soon in New Hampshire.  This keeps the dirt from piling up on your floors inside and gives immediate style to the entry at the same time.   For details on how this one was installed, click on the photo above.