Designing in Stages – Step 2

Designing in Stages – Step 2

I previously posted about working with a client to update her lakeside home with new furnishings and finishes.  (Designing in Stages – Step 1)

This was a very special project because it started when my client had made the decision to make changes with her home after the loss of her husband.  Changes to a home can be emotional after a loss but can also be helpful and even therapeutic in the transition to their new reality.

Here is the rest of the story…

As we were wrapping up with the first part of the project, my client started dreaming about a 3 season porch and deck to extend her living/entertaining space.  It was something that she’d had in mind for some time and she found that the time was right to move forward with it.

We started by taking some measurements and doing up some drawings to see how everything would look before connecting with AZER Renovations to get estimates.

Our goal was to keep the views of the lake with lots of windows and include cozy furnishings for family and friends to relax in while visiting.

Exterior Deck Before

The sliders and windows above were all to remain in place while a new, enclosed deck was constructed.  While the work was underway, we refined the furniture plans and went shopping.

Furniture Plan for 3 Season Porch

This time, we worked with Stephanie at Coastal Furniture on Dover Point.  She was great about showing my client pieces that fit her requirements, were super comfortable and she eventually ordered a combination of traditional pieces and rattan.  Here are the fabrics and wall color we pulled together:

Furniture Fabrics & Wall Color

The finishing touches were completed in the space…including a gorgeous pickled paint ceiling treatment and arched windows throughout:

Pickled Paint Treatment on Ceiling

Large Arched Windows with Views of the Lake & Deck

Small Arched Side Windows to let in the Sunlight

Now, there is plenty of room for visiting, relaxing and even the option of sleeping on this beautiful porch that overlooks the lake.

Cushy Chairs Around the Windows

Additional Storage Closet with Conversational Seating

Sleeper Sofa with Existing Trunk

It’s so great to help homeowners update their spaces but more important to me is being a part of the personal transitions that they go through in the process.  Its projects like this one that remind me that it is my purpose in life to help others through a part of their life’s journey and I treasure every moment of it.




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Laundry Room Ideas Are Piling Up

Laundry Room Ideas Are Piling Up

I have a friend who defines the area around her washer and dryer as her “Himalayas of Laundry”.  It seems to be the one task that is never done – especially if you have kids and pets in the house.  Most times, the laundry is located in the basement and is viewed strictly as a utilitarian and forgotten space in the house.

The trend we are seeing is that the washer and dryer are being incorporated into living spaces to streamline the process.  Homeowners appreciate the convenience and are now making laundry areas a stylized space in their homes.

I think I can safely say that we would all LOVE a walk-in closet that includes the laundry like the one shown below:


This Old House

If you are not able to completely renovate and create a walk-in closet with laundry like this one (that was done by This Old House) but still want to update the laundry area of you home, here are some other ideas to consider:


The Creative Juice Blog

I love this unit that was part of the Laundry Day post on the Creative Juice Blog.  It is built into a closet space and it covers all the bases.  Pull out storage below the appliances, a folding counter and customized door storage to houses all cleaning supplies.  If you were to omit the counter top, this option would work with a top loading washer too.

How about a dual functioning space?  The Better Homes & Gardens website offers this great option:


Better Homes & Garden

The fabric screens add a softness to a room that is well organized to complete more than one task at a time.  Throw in a load of laundry, then quickly wrap a gift for a party.  The cabinet between the appliances hides away the detergents and dryer sheets to keep the space free of clutter.

The major appliance makers are happy to accommodate this shift in home design.  They offer storage underneath the units to lift them off the ground along with front loading doors to make loading and unloading easier on your back.  They also come in a variety of cool colors.  I like to refer to those shiny gems as the Cadillac’s of the Laundry World and they jazz up a corner all on their own!

HGTV’s Green Dream Home Laundry

This unique laundry room,  that is located in the HGTV Green Dream Home, has ample storage, clean lines and is very stylish with the colors and artwork selected.  The appliances really make a statement and the extra sink is perfect for laundering or clipping your fresh roses from the garden.  Gorgeous!

How would you like your laundry room to look?  Do any of these ideas strike a chord with you & why?  I would love to hear from you.