Designing in Stages – Step 2

Designing in Stages – Step 2

I previously posted about working with a client to update her lakeside home with new furnishings and finishes.  (Designing in Stages – Step 1)

This was a very special project because it started when my client had made the decision to make changes with her home after the loss of her husband.  Changes to a home can be emotional after a loss but can also be helpful and even therapeutic in the transition to their new reality.

Here is the rest of the story…

As we were wrapping up with the first part of the project, my client started dreaming about a 3 season porch and deck to extend her living/entertaining space.  It was something that she’d had in mind for some time and she found that the time was right to move forward with it.

We started by taking some measurements and doing up some drawings to see how everything would look before connecting with AZER Renovations to get estimates.

Our goal was to keep the views of the lake with lots of windows and include cozy furnishings for family and friends to relax in while visiting.

Exterior Deck Before

The sliders and windows above were all to remain in place while a new, enclosed deck was constructed.  While the work was underway, we refined the furniture plans and went shopping.

Furniture Plan for 3 Season Porch

This time, we worked with Stephanie at Coastal Furniture on Dover Point.  She was great about showing my client pieces that fit her requirements, were super comfortable and she eventually ordered a combination of traditional pieces and rattan.  Here are the fabrics and wall color we pulled together:

Furniture Fabrics & Wall Color

The finishing touches were completed in the space…including a gorgeous pickled paint ceiling treatment and arched windows throughout:

Pickled Paint Treatment on Ceiling

Large Arched Windows with Views of the Lake & Deck

Small Arched Side Windows to let in the Sunlight

Now, there is plenty of room for visiting, relaxing and even the option of sleeping on this beautiful porch that overlooks the lake.

Cushy Chairs Around the Windows

Additional Storage Closet with Conversational Seating

Sleeper Sofa with Existing Trunk

It’s so great to help homeowners update their spaces but more important to me is being a part of the personal transitions that they go through in the process.  Its projects like this one that remind me that it is my purpose in life to help others through a part of their life’s journey and I treasure every moment of it.




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Home Staging 101:  The 90%

Home Staging 101: The 90%

Did you know that only 10% of people, including your perspective buyers, are able to visualize how an empty room would look when furnished?  The same applies to rooms that have an overwhelming amount of furniture or distractions (clutter, personal items).

This means that 90% need to be “shown” how rooms would function for them in order for your listings to seen at an optimal level – both online and in person.

Master Bedroom

In this example the “before” photo was the first impression, seen in the online listing.  It was benign with no sense of space.  If buyers had moved beyond the online view, to do a physical walk through, they may have wondered:  “Will our furniture fit in here?” or better yet…”How?”.

With the addition of a bed it made it obvious to the buyers the a queen or king bed would fit in the room comfortably with plenty of room for dressers and more.  It softened the space and created a more inviting feel.  These are the emotions that you want to capitalize on when you are selling.  You want them to feel like they just walked into their new home.

Conversely, here is an example of a room with an abundance of furniture and busy patterns:

Before_After Craft Room

It was hard to “see” how spacious the room was because it had been filled with furnishings that were not in use.  It was recommended that the seller pack away their personal items and move the excess furniture pieces to storage to open up the room.  One end of the room is a great craft area, complete with an island and plenty of storage while this end of the room now shows a study space as well as a bedroom with the use of a futon.  It is very clear to buyers that this room is very versatile.

If you want your home to stand out among the competition, keep this statistic in mind as you prepare for your listing photo session and subsequent showings.  If you have 10 potential buyers come through your home, make sure that you are visually reaching all 10, not just 1 of them.  Your chances of receiving an offer will increase significantly if you are reaching everyone!

Repurposing Tip:  What a Grate Idea!

Repurposing Tip: What a Grate Idea!

I often run into a friend who works at our local grocery store who has renovated an old cape in our little town.  I love to hear all about her updates so when she recently told me that she and her husband had recycled an old heating grate as a welcome mat – I was intrigued.  She’s going to send me a picture that I will share with you but for now, I’ll show you an example I found online recently on the Frugal Family Times Blog page.



Grate Idea from Frugal Family Times

For anyone with a deck, this is a fantastic way to deal with the mess that comes with shoes that get covered with muck all year long.  It is especially great for the muddy season – which will be upon us very soon in New Hampshire.  This keeps the dirt from piling up on your floors inside and gives immediate style to the entry at the same time.   For details on how this one was installed, click on the photo above.

Repurposing Tip:  Skis to Usable Home Items

Repurposing Tip: Skis to Usable Home Items

In a recent post to the SUNDAY FUN PIX on Facebook, I posted a photo of an Adirondack chair that was made from recycled skis.  It was such a novel idea to have winter sports gear creating an item that we’d most likely use in the summer.  As we shift from Winter skiing to Spring skiing here in New Hampshire, I thought I’d post some other fun ideas I found to recycle old skis.

Vintage Ski Rack

Vintage Ski Rack

This is probably a way many people have seen skis recycled.  I recommended it to clients a few years back for their mudroom and there is one like this in our local Orthodontic office.  The owner is a huge ski fan from Maine so it was a great way to let us know more about him, give his office a fun theme while providing a place to hang our coats.

Here are a couple coat racks that stand alone but are used for the same purpose – a little vintage and a little more modern.

Modern & Colorful

Modern & Colorful

On a smaller scale, some decor items to personalize your space.

Mug Rack from The Cabin

Mug Rack from The Cabin

Wine Rack from Forest Furniture Tahoe

Wine Rack from Forest Furniture Tahoe

The most unique way of recycling skis that I found was this chandelier made by Designer Willem Heeffer.

Willem Heeffer Chandelier

Willem Heeffer Chandelier

Willem Heeffer Chandelier

Willem Heeffer Chandelier

Could you imagine using any of these repurposed ski projects in your own home?  If so, which room(s) and how?

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