Are You Gambling with the Sale of Your Home?

Are You Gambling with the Sale of Your Home?

Listing a vacant home is a gamble.  You can roll the dice and hope that the right buyer – the one with the “vision” – will come in and fall in love with the place.  The reality is that only 10% of buyers (and homeowners in general) are able to envision the rooms with their furnishings and decor in them.   Consider that statistic…only 1 in 10 buyers can see the potential and the remaining 90% of buyers see the house at face value.   Often times, this means that any/all flaws (i.e. peeling wallpaper, scuffed flooring, worn paint on walls) in the home become the focal point because that is all there is to be seen.

3 Tips to Up the Ante & Reduce the Odds Against Sitting on the Market

TIP 1:   Address the visual reasons you would be offered less for your home – things like peeling wallpaper, nicks/dings on painted walls & trim, brightly painted rooms and scuffed/stained flooring.  When these things are taken out of the equation…buyers view the home as “move in ready” and will not try to offer less money because they think it will be costly to address them.

Wallpaper Example 2

Before – Peeling/Missing Wallpaper

Wallpaper Example 3

Before – Peeling/Missing Wallpaper


Wallpaper Example 1

Before – Peeling/Missing Wallpaper

TIP 2:  Everyone enjoys spending time in homes that are clean, welcoming and comfortable.  Help buyers see how warm & inviting the rooms can be by adding furniture and decor.  This also allows them to see how their furnishings will fit into the spaces.


AFTER (Wallpaper Removed and a Fresh Coat of Paint Added)

TIP 3:  Have professional photography done so that the charm of your home is truly reflected online. This is very important because approximately 95% of buyers begin their search online.  They will complete their drive bys and first showings on their computer and handheld devices.  We are such an app driven, visual society so it is important to tell a strong visual story of your listing to prompt more showings in person.

Recent Example

This house was on the market for 6 months with no offers so we were called in to consult.  The room above was surrounded by updated spaces…a new Kitchen and Bath as well as an additional Family Room that had had wallpaper removed and paint.  Since it was empty, the missing and torn wallpaper was very obvious.  The sellers were willing to make changes so they removed all the paper and painted the room.  Once that was completed, we added in the furniture and decor seen in the “after” photo.

One of the other rooms that we addressed was the Dining Room.  We removed the small scale table & chairs to bring in a larger table, chairs, updated window treatments and decor.  Here are the results:


Previous Listing Photo



The great news here is that this house had several showings and was under agreement in 30 days!

It’s another example of how Staging & Professional Photography make a huge difference in how homes show online and welcome buyers in when they come for showings.

“After” photographs captured by the talented Alison Payne Bellaud – 603.320.2295.

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