Home Staging 101:  Sprucing Up the Exterior

Home Staging 101: Sprucing Up the Exterior

Whether you have a long drive or a simple set of steps to the entry of your home, focus on these 5 updates to do before listing to make a great first impression…through your photos online and when you have showings.

1. Be sure the house number is visible. House numbers are extremely important when perspective buyers are trying to locate homes to view.  Make sure that they are a large enough scale to be seen from a distance.  They can be on a mailbox, at the end of the driveway (both are best for longer driveways when the house is not completely visible), or on a front door.

Red Door
2. Provide a clear path to entry door. When having guests, it’s important for them to know how to get into the house.   When a landscaped path is not in place, you can improvise by adding plants, lawn lighting or crushed rocks to lead the way.  They also make for a prettier, more welcoming entrance.

Yard of suburban home
3. Add a new Welcome mat. This can be inside or outside.  After long seasons at your entry, the Welcome mat can get a bit worn and tattered.  Invest in a new one as you get ready to list your home.  What a great first impression buyers will have when they get to the entry.


4. Put a fresh coat of paint on the door. Not only do red doors look good, but they also make the house look more approachable. “In Feng Shui, a red door means ‘Welcome.’”  Here are some great options for reds you can use to update the front door in no time.  If red doesn’t work on your front door, a fresh coat of the appropriate color makes just as much of an impact.

RED COLORS FOR FRONT DOORS_20155. Add/freshen your lighting.  If you have lighting in place, start with a good cleaning to get rid of cobwebs and dust, then confirm that the bulbs are working and at the highest wattage they can be.  If you do not have lighting at the entry, you may want to consider adding in a fixture either next to the door or hang it from above if there is a roof covering the entry steps.

Exterior shot of a Wooden Front Door

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