Home Staging 101:  The Virtual 1st Impression

Home Staging 101: The Virtual 1st Impression

Did you know that 83% of consumers begin searching for items they want to buy online?  That is for all types of items from clothing, to appliances and even new cars.  That number increases to more than 90% for people who are house hunting.  The days of buyers “doing a drive by” to check out a house are fleeting when they can review homes from the comfort of their sofas on their computers and handheld devices.

So, why is this important?  It means that the 1st impression of a home on the market is made online.  Our society is technologically and visually driven so it is important that the visual story of your home is being told clearly through the photos.  If they do not look good in the online listings, the perspective buyers will click away from the listing as quickly as they clicked onto it.

Here is a little test…

Do you think busy home buyers would rather take the time to look at these homes?

Or these?

When you combine well staged rooms that are organized and show their purpose, add loads of great photos, and have a fantastic write up you will create the best and strongest 1st impression possible – one that will pull perspective buyers off the couch and to the home for a showing.

TIP:  Take a look at homes in your area that are your direct competition to see how your photos and listing “stack up” against them.  This will help you determine whether your marketing is on target or may need some changes/updates.

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