A Revealing Update

A Revealing Update

I am so excited to be sharing a project that was sent to me by a local couple, and previous clients of mine, who recently updated their kitchen and got a surprise that they were not expecting.

Beverly &  Fred decided that they wanted to add a little something to the kitchen and opted to paint the back splash.  It had been the same creamy white color for many years and they wanted to add a “pop” of color so they started pulling color samples.  After much toiling about which color to choose, they decided on red…a deep red.

They knew that it would be wise to use a gray primer on the wall as a darker primer allows deep colors like red and purple to go on in fewer coats.  On a white wall, those colors may take many coats to achieve proper coverage.  The good news was that Fred remembered having some leftover gray paint from a previous project so he used that to apply the base coat on the walls.

Once the gray color was on the walls, both of them noted how much they liked it!  They agreed to shift to Plan B…the back splash became gray and Fred’s creative juices started flowing.

Counter Close Up

Gray Back Splash Steals the Show

To bridge the two colors in a non-traditional way, Fred took a piece of white birch from their yard, cut it in half the long way, coated it and attached it to the walls.  Simply gorgeous and full of character!

Close Up View of White Birch Branch

Close Up View of White Birch Branch

Sometimes, we are surprised by the little things that can have us shifting gears in life.  How often can you say that you agree with your partner wholeheartedly when it comes to Home Improvement updates?  Bev and Fred knew a good thing when they saw & agreed on it.  I’m so grateful that they shared their story with us.  Many thanks to them!!

Sink and window vew

Beautiful Evening Glow

If you have a project that you would like to share here, please send me all the information by email:  amy@parkerhouse-designs.com and I’ll highlight it in a future post!!

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